On-demand webinars about the coat care for the Lagotto Romagnolo, based on the very first book about the breed specific grooming; Lagotto Romagnolo grooming -the art of keeping it rustic- Lagotto Romagnolo grooming -the art of keeping it rustic-
Webinars will be uploaded in both Dutch and English so please check carefully if the webinar is in the language of your choice.

Visit our webinar Channel here: www.lagotto-grooming.webinargeek.com

PART 0 Working with puppies UK
PART 1 General Care UK
PART 2 Working with clippers UK Expected end 2021
PART 3 Working with scissors UK Expected 2022
PART 4 Scissoring the Lagotto head UK Expected 2022

DEEL 0 Samen met je pup NL expected 2022
DEEL 1 Algemene verzorging NL
DEEL 2 Scheren NL verwacht 2022
DEEL 3 Knippen NL Verwacht 2022
DEEL 4 Knippen van het hoofd NL verwacht 2022

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