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In our grooming salon we focus exclusively on the Lagotto Romagnolo. All dogs are trimmed by a groomer with over 15 years experience in the breed.

Prices as at 1 June 2022

Puppy trim (up to the age of 6 months)€66,=
Other trim€88,=
One-off show trim€160,=
Nail trimming without trimming treatment€15,=
*For dogs with difficult behaviour (biting etc), fleas/lice/etc. and/or a severely felted coat we charge a surcharge. € 25,=

How we work
An appointment takes on average 2 hours and 30 minutes. During the appointment, the coat is shaved or cut. The nails will be shortened if the dog allows it. Ears are taken care of and if necessary plucked. Of course the dog is also washed and dried.

Cut models only if the dog comes every 4 to 6 weeks.
Shave models every 8 to 10 weeks, depending on how fast the hair grows and possibly moults.

Severely felted?
Dogs with a lot of tangles will be shaved without consultation. If the dog has a serious moult, there is no other solution than to shave it completely with 3 mm, to untangle a totally moulted coat is very painful for the dog and for that reason we will not do it. Of course after a shave the coat can be kept longer the next time.

The dog in the grooming salon
Some dogs do not like to be trimmed. This is not always due to habituation, but can also be in the nature of the dog. We then advise to have the dog shaved and the head cut short. This is often a less stressful treatment for the dog and the hair on the head is preserved (if the dog allows it).

In between the grooming sessions it is important to regularly shorten the length of the nails, the hair around the rear end and genitals. The hairs that limit the dog's vision must also be cut regularly so that the dog can see what is happening.

How to make an appointment?
Appointments can be made by email or whatsapp [0618515821] on Wednesday or Friday. This usually means that your dog comes to us at 9.00 and can be picked up at 11.30. Or your dog comes to us at 13.00 and can be picked up at 15.30.

Prepare your dog well for grooming. Practise washing and using the water blower regularly with your dog, this will make the visit to the grooming salon a lot easier for your dog.

unfortunately you can not It is possible for you as owner to be present during the treatment. After the trim appointment you will receive an invoice and payment link that we ask you to pay the same day.
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