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Essential fatty acids for an optimal condition.


Brain games and toys for smart dogs like the lagotto. We have a varied range of dog games. Learn in a playful way, by trying and exploring. Mental stimulation is important for lagotto dogs, so we offer a variety of different mind games and toys to ensure that your lagotto gets enough of a challenge.

Everything to keep your lagotto entertained after which it will be great to rest from all that they have learned

Always supervise your lagotto so that playing does not turn into breaking the toys. Although, of course, that's also a form of playing 🙂


for puppies

Everything for a good start with your lagotto romagnolo puppy. From various interactive toys to a basic grooming kit.

Your lagotto will require a lifetime of intensive grooming, so it's a good idea to start practising the skills involved as soon as your puppy arrives. Perhaps our free webinar will help you practise some of these important skills. Here is a link to the webinar:

It is important that your lagotto gets used to standing on a grooming table at a young age, that you touch its nails and feet and lift and hold a front leg while sitting or standing on the table.

In between grooming sessions with a professional, you will also need to take care of your lagotto's coat, ears, feet and nails from time to time. 

Would you like to learn how to do this easily yourself and what the right materials and tools are? Then maybe the webinar General grooming is for you.

This webinar is also part of our beginners workshop. You can find the general care webinar and our other webinars via this link:


YUUP! Italian grooming products for dogs.

YUUP! Italian grooming products for dogs.



Essential fatty acids for an optimal condition.

Nutrolin products are an important part of our dogs' diet. For example, our puppies start with Nutrolin Puppy & Mom in the litter.

Depending on their age and needs, they will later change to Skin & Coat or Senior.

We currently have three Nutrolin products in our range.


Books and Maps

The first book on trimming the lagotto and trim cards in different languages can be found here. In the course of 2022 more books about the lagotto will be added to this page.

It all started with a small 16-page booklet on trimming your lagotto yourself. 

The result is a 120-page book that is currently available in Italian and English.  

In addition to the book on trimming, the trimming cards are currently available in 5 different languages.

Expected: The first Italian champions book, 1993 to 2018. Over 300 pages filled with the first Italian Champions.
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