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In the beginning of 2017 we became ambassadors for Fish4Dogs. A dog food that is fish based. The diet is hypo-allergenic, gluten-free and full of Omega 3, which promotes coat and skin health and improves the mobility of joints.

For a longer period of time we have given this complete food to our dogs and did this with great satisfaction.

This is one of the reasons we are very happy to welcome Fish4Dogs in our webshop. We offer a wide range of Fish4Dogs products, from cans of mackerel to delicious healthy snacks (which are also good for the teeth), from puppy and adult kibble to salmon mousse.

Get acquainted with this healthy and responsible way of feeding and rewarding your dog! Because dogs just love fish.

If you want more information about (one of) the Fish4Dogs products from our range, please contact us!

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